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We build customized solutions tailored specifically to the legal industry’s needs. Our experts combine both technical and legal knowledge to give you the best experience ever!

keep on TRACK

Digital Transformation

we can help evaluate and improve the existing digital infrastructure, build a digital identity from scratch, assess the budget, offer customized solutions, and beyond that.

increase efficiency


We provide the necessary assistance to harness the power of AI and its services, enabling you to increase speed, save time, and enhance the accuracy and quality of your legal services.

enhance security


known for its decentralization, which improves the quality of your operations and secures data exchange and contract management.

Expand your business


In the ever-evolving world of business, being on the stage is not easy. From Business Development to SEO and Social media marketing, our services are here to identify your business’s unique needs.  

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"Innovation is not a trend, It's a solution."

Therefore, we have built The Legal A as a guide in the legal innovation journey. We help businesses and individuals solve their challenges with innovative solutions that are tailored to legal industry-specific needs.
Amr Emad

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Whether you’re a legal professional in the private or public sector, we help you innovate.

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